The PROEDUCA Group has a presence in Bolivia with the International University of La Rioja, through which it fulfills its educational commitments to Bolivian society. Using virtual classrooms, UNIR offers university degrees verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) and approved by the University Council, both competent organizations in Spain.

As such, all of UNIR in Bolivia’s degrees are completely valid in the European Higher Education Area, and in countries whose legislation allows their recognition, as is the case with Bolivia. UNIR is based on innovation in education that utilizes new technology to develop an online method that is upheld by four pillars: Online classes, a personal tutor that accompanies the student from their first day, continuous evaluation, and educational resources.



European Higher Education Area

All degrees granted by UNIR are completely valid in the European Higher Education Area (EEES), which guarantees the quality of university education students receive.
Ministerio de Educacion

Spanish Ministry of Education

UNIR is governed by the standards of the Ministry of Education, which grants degrees their official nature and validity throughout the country. Their academic nature enables professional activity.

Agreements and Recognition


Organization of American States

The OEA is the main forum for dialogue, political analysis and decision making in the 35 Independent States of the Americas. Their activity is based on the following pillars: Democracy, human rights, security, and development.
UN Global Compact

United Nations

UNIR is one of almost 10,000 institutions in 160 countries that are part of the voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with the aim of transforming the market and creating a sustainable private sector.

Spanish University Chancellors Conference

UNIR belongs to the association that is the main interlocutor of universities with the central government and plays a key role in all policy developments affecting higher education in Spain.

International Mobility Program

As a European Institution of Higher Education, UNIR is included in the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education under the Erasmus+ Program for 2014-2020.

University Network

Universia is a network made up of 1,341 universities from 23 countries that represent almost 20 million students and professors around the world. It accommodates the most important universities in Spain and Latin America.


UNIR in Bolivia is part of CLADEA, an international network of more than 240 institutions of higher education in America, Europe, and Oceania dedicated to education and research in the field of management.

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