Resounding Success in the Graduations of the Universities in the PROEDUCA Group

22 / 05 / 2019

The students of the International University of La Rioja scattered around the world celebrated the achievement of their official degrees with their classmates in the graduations of Spain, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Wanting is power. This can be applied to the students who turn the graduation ceremony of UNIR, the university of the PROEDUCA Group, into memorable events every year and this year, 2019. Their effort, dedication, tenacity, sacrifice, and perseverance over months and years is reflected in the achievement of the desired goal. The fulfillment of a dream.

For UNIR, meeting with all undergraduate and graduate students and live this exciting moment with them is a special reason for satisfaction. All the recognition of the effort, determination, and sacrifice of each and every one of the students who gathered in Spain, Ecuador, and Colombia was recognized.

Some 750 students and a total of 3,000 people gathered in Logroño, Spain, but not all arrived from the peninsula. Many came from Germany, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Panama, and another 10 places around the world. All of them listened with great interest to the words of the Chancellor of UNIR, Dr. José María Vázquez García-Peñuela, who made an elaborate reflection on feelings and their impact on today’s society, which he defined as “hyper-sentimental, there is a bombardment that encourages us to give primacy in our lives to feelings and moods, which are transitory”.

More than 10,000 people, between students, friends, and family, at the graduations in Spain, Colombia, and Ecuador

In Colombia, the graduation was held at the Ágora Bogotá-Convention Center, where 840 students gathered together with friends and family to total more than 3,000 attendees. The Chancellor of UNIR pointed out in this fifth edition of graduation in the country, that “every time we cross the Atlantic, we learn how you welcome others, with a great human warmth, full of delicacy.”

The Quito Exhibition Center (CEQ), located in La Carolina Park, was the venue for Ecuador’s graduation, where more than 4,000 people from the country’s 23 provinces attended. The Chancellor of UNIR invited those present to internalize cardinal virtues such as justice, prudence, strength, and temperance so that they are better prepared to “better serve the people around you and society.”

Next Graduations

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony of 2019 will be held in the following places:

Colombia – Friday, November 22. Place and time to be confirmed.

Ecuador – Place and date to be confirmed.