The PROEDUCA Group is integrated into institutions specialized in online education that look to satisfy an educational necessity in society. The Group is comprised of the International University of La Rioja, the Online University of Mexico (UNIR Mexico), and CUNIMAD. Its offices are located in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia, although its digital nature lets students from more than 90 countries study from anywhere in the world. PROEDUCA also has a presence in the United States through MIU City University Miami and in Peru with the Newman Postgraduate Business School.

The use of new technologies and a unique methodology are the cornerstone upon which PROEDUCA has built a university education system governed by the highest standards of academic excellence. The group provides its students with a platform designed specifically for optimized online learning, with resources like virtual classrooms, forums, a digital library, collaborative working spaces, and even a virtual museum. In this vein, PROEDUCA is a pioneer in the adaptation of e-learning for mobile devices.

All of the tools that PROEDUCA puts at its students’ disposal let them be in direct contact with other classmates, professors, and tutors, from whom they receive educational support and personalized attention. The students are the protagonists of adaptive learning; thanks to this approach, they cease to be passive recipients of information and convert into active collaborators in the educational process.

PROEDUCA makes an effort in bringing university studies to businesses and adjusts its educational offerings to the current job necessities and expectations. That way, students not only acquire highly specialized knowledge, but also naturally incorporate the required competencies for a market that is constantly evolving and becoming more and more digitalized.

For society and as an educational company, PROEDUCA takes an active role in promoting culture. It has a wide range of theatrical and cinematographic initiatives, a strong research department, its own editorial, and it carries out educational technology projects.

The group continues to grow and reach important academic agreements with prestigious European and Latin American universities. Additionally, UNIR was recognized in 2017 and 2018 as the best online university in Spain, an award given by the Foundation of Knowledge and Development (CYD). Today, PROEDUCA maintains its position as a leader of remote higher education institutions.

Proeduca Group

The International University of La Rioja, UNIR, is a private educational institution for online education in undergraduate and postgraduate courses with its own legal entity. The number of graduates and current students is constantly growing.

The International University Center of Madrid is attached to the University of Alcalá (UAH) and integrated into the PROEDUCA Group. It offers official undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the branch of Health Sciences via online classes.

UNIR Mexico is a private Mexican university, approved by SEP in 2013, where official European quality university education is taught, based on an innovative methodology of constant accompaniment and continuous evaluation.

Newman is a postgraduate school recognized by the state of Peru and officially regulated by SUNEDU. It offers a variety of postgraduate programs in the areas of Business, Law, Management, and Information Technologies.

With its main office in Miami, MIU is an American university officially licensed by the CIE and accredited by ACICS. At Marconi, there are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, both in person and 100% online.

UNIR Universitas, S.L.U. is a business with activity in the theatre and scenic arts sector. Its main function within the educational group PROEDUCA is to be the cultural extension of UNIR, the International University of La Rioja.


EDIX is a company integrated into both PROEDUCA Group and the Institute of Digital Experts of UNIR. Students enrolled in professional degrees have 6 months of internships to obtain the profiles today’s companies are looking for.


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