Social Commitment

As an educational company, PROEDUCA promotes culture through theatrical and cinematographic initiatives and bets wholeheartedly on editorials, culture, research, educational technology, and the job placement of students.

Social responsibility orients the university’s politics towards topics such as:

  • Making access to university studies possible for any person who, with the adequate previous education, wants to eliminate the cultural and social barriers of distance, timetables, and location that impede them.
  • Implementing teaching and research resources through development of emerging technologies in such a way that it is possible to offer a high level education, paying special attention to technology that drives cultural, technical, and social change.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring Campus

Campus solidario

One of UNIR’s greatest challenges is to ensure that all people have access to quality education. Through volunteer programs, we offer free online education to those who need it most. More than 900 professors, students, and non-teaching staff have shared their knowledge with more than 1,500 people in 11 different countries.


Super Caregivers

Health, family, training, and social responsibility are the four values that represent SuperCaregivers’ services. With the support of UNIR, they offer training to prepare caregivers, whether professionally or within family settings, to improve the quality of life and autonomy of the dependents. It is the standard for comprehensive training in healthcare.

Legal Clinic

Practice, training, and the inclusion of students in the working world is a fundamental objective for the International University of La Rioja. Which is why the UNIR Legal Clinic is a space for virtual learning where students solve real cases and legal consultations created by diverse non-profit organizations.



The UNIR Foundation is committed to culture, the dramatic arts, and theatrical expression. Since 2012, it has produced its own performances and collaborated on productions of great value to the students, teachers, and the rest of the educational community.

School of Humanities

We train professionals with a critical vision and analytical ability, with the objective that each one makes their personal and work-related aspirations a reality. Our programs round out the study plans and contribute a knowledge of humanistic tools.


UNIR holds a series of conferences every year to foment the exchange and diffusion of knowledge. The most noteworthy is CITES, an event where teachers and researchers show the most innovative technologies destined to improve education.

Culture Classroom

UNIR’s Culture Classroom, an initiative in collaboration with the International University of La Rioja and La Rioja Daily, offers the possibility of attending—live or via streaming—diverse forums, interviews with prestigious guests, round table debates, and panels about the current cultural panorama in the region and country as a whole.

School Reporter

UNIR periodically organizes the School Reporter Contest, with the aim that high school students in La Rioja share the current events of their city. The competitions consist of preparing a digital newspaper (in teams), one that is through the eyes of the students and lets us get to know La Rioja through their investigative journalism.

Culture and Leisure

Culture and Leisure is the portal of the UNIR Foundation that is dedicated to the planning and execution of training activities related to leisure. It is aimed at current and former students of the university, families that belong to the Madrid Federation of Numerous Families (FEDMA), and other entities and associations. The program has been running successfully since 2012.


UNIR Editions

UNIR promotes the creation of educational quality and rigor through its own editorial, which contains original work by students, teachers, and the general public. Furthermore, UNIR has acquired the publishing rights to world renowned titles in Spanish with the aim of promoting the dissemination of research and knowledge.

UNIR Magazine

UNIR’s digital publication is the space where professors and experts share current, valuable content about every area of study with students and the general public. The variety of topics converts it into a fundamental tool that helps students successfully complete the transformation between the educational phase and the professional period.

Nueva Revista

Founded by Antonio Fontán 3 decades ago, the magazine Nueva Revista has formed part of UNIR since 2010. It is a space to tackle the big questions raised by humans in the 21st century, to analyze contemporary society, and to accommodate great thinkers with intersecting themes about culture, humanities, science, art, and politics.

Revista Española de Pedagogía

This prestigious publication was created in 1943, within the San José de Calasanz Institute, pertaining to the Higher Council for Scientific Research as a pedagogical research journal. From 1995 on, the editing was done by the European Institute of Educational Initiatives, and since September of 2014, it has been edited by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). The magazine publishes three issues a year, with a total of approximately 600 pages.


The International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence offers an interdisciplinary forum where scientists and professionals can share the results of their research and report on new advances in artificial intelligence tools or tools that use interactive multimedia techniques. It is completely open and accessible for both readers and writers.

University Life

Academic Life

We work so that our students’ university experience is exciting both during and after their time at UNIR. We have courses, master classes, activities, workshops, and a leadership program in Oxford. We also participate in the Erasmus program and have agreements with other international universities to promote exchange.


UNIR develops multiple lines of research, innovation, and transmission to constantly improve the teaching staff and keep them up to date. This effort towards academic and investigative excellence is achieved thanks to a coordinated effort between the Vice Rectorates of Research, of Transmission and Technology, and of Innovation and Educational Development.


Every year, UNIR celebrates the graduations of undergraduate and postgraduate students from all around the world. Those who live in Spain receive their diplomas at exciting events in Logroño (La Rioja). In Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador, thousands of students are also the protagonists of these special events.

Job Fair

UNIR regularly holds diverse virtual job fairs, with the epicenter in Spain and Latin America. The goal of these initiatives is that the students, alumni, and professionals can interact with recruiters from the most relevant companies. Anyone interested can share their CV before each job fair begins and establish direct contact with the companies.