United States

The PROEDUCA Group has a presence in Miami through MIU City University Miami, an American university officially licensed by the Commission for Independent Education of the State of Florida (CIE) and officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

This university is approved to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees both 100% online and “on campus” and has been approved by SEVIS as a university that is equipped to handle F1 student visa applications on behalf of all its international students that are not U.S. residents and wish to study at the Miami campus.

Agreements and Recognition


Organization of American States

The OEA is the main forum for dialogue, political analysis and decision making in the 35 Independent States of the Americas. Their activity is based on the following pillars: Democracy, human rights, security, and development.
UN Global Compact

United Nations

UNIR is one of almost 10,000 institutions in 160 countries that are part of the voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with the aim of transforming the market and creating a sustainable private sector.

Our Group in the U.S.

With its main office in Miami, MIU is an American university officially licensed by the CIE . At Marconi, there are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, both in person and 100% online.





MIU City University Miami
111 NE 1st Street, 6th Floor
Miami, FL 33132