PROEDUCA Group and OEI present 150 partial scholarships for postgraduate training for latin american students

11 / 01 / 2022

The president of UNIR, Rafael Puyol, highlighted these grants so that “nobody is left behind” in the education process.

PROEDUCA, an educational group to which the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) belongs, and the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) presented a new edition of their scholarships for Latin American students who wish to study master’s programs this Monday.

In a ceremony held at the OEI headquarters in Madrid, the secretary general of the Ibero-American institution, Mariano Jabonero, and the president of UNIR, Rafael Puyol, highlighted the importance of this collaboration for the advancement of higher education in Latin America, especially in the current context of the pandemic.

“Higher education must be digitally transformed. The OEI report on productivity in Ibero-America concludes that almost 50% of employers find it difficult to fill vacancies due to lack of experience and technical skills,” said Jabonero.

The Secretary General of the OEI also pointed out that the demand for virtual education “is growing in Ibero-America with the pandemic, despite the digital divide and the scarce supply…With the support of partners such as UNIR, we help universities transitioning to a virtual method,” he said.

For his part, the president of UNIR, Rafael Puyol, affirmed that these scholarships are an example of the commitment of this university to become “a kind of social elevator”. “We want to offer a quality product and do it with economic conditions that allow everyone to progress, regardless of their economic situation. Let no one be left behind in the education process,” he said.

Puyol also pointed out that virtual teaching and hybrid teaching are emerging as “essential” modalities to meet the growing demand for tertiary education in Ibero-America and that, “no matter how much they grow”, they will not be able to cover face-to-face universities.

Encourage access to postgraduate studies and research

The director of Higher Education and Science at the OEI, Ana Capilla, stressed that, although “much progress is being made”, the region continues to be one “of many contrasts”. Therefore, these scholarships “are an incentive to help get more students to have research studies.”


For his part, the academic director of International Relations at UNIR, Manuel Herrera, explained that the PROEDUCA Group “intends to bring quality master’s studies online to a series of people in need of training with these scholarships and in the context of the pandemic, in which we must take advantage to offer quality education, because at present education never ends.”

Characteristics of the scholarships and resolution

In the European Master’s Degree (MU) from UNIR, 50 partial scholarships (of 50%) are offered for one of the 30 available degrees in Education, Law, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The objective of the program is to promote training and development in the areas of social sciences and education mainly. To request information and register, you can write the following email:

In the Mexican Master’s (MX) from UNIR, 50 partial scholarships (of 60%) are offered to study one of the 16 available degrees in Engineering, Education, and Humanities. The purpose of the program is to promote training and educational development. You can request information and register at this link:

At the Neumann Postgraduate School, 50 partial scholarships (60%) are offered to study one of 10 degrees, either in the area of Business, Law, or Education. The objective of the program is to work on the comprehensive training of the student, according to the skills demanded by the current market. To find out more and register, you can do so by emailing


Students with nationality or residency in any Latin American country can apply for the scholarships. The submission period begins on January 10, 2022 and ends on February 15 of the same year. The results will be published in March.

The PROEDUCA group and the OEI wish to support Latin American students in the context of the current pandemic so that they can further their university studies. Likewise, both institutions cooperate in the construction of a shared space for higher education and research in Ibero-America.