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PROEDUCA is committed to the responsibility of providing quality online education to society, based on responsible treatment of content, as well as accessibility and transparency. State-of-the-art technology offers us a world full of possibilities to reach every corner and promote education, thanks to our innovative methodology.

General Information

Stock and Social Capital

The social capital of Sociedad PROEDUCA ALTUS, S.A. is fixed at 903,579.34 euros and represented by 45,178,967 shares with a nominal value of 0.02 euros each, pertaining to only one class and series with equal political and economic rights. The company’s social capital is nominal and fully disbursed.

The company’s shares are nominative and are represented by means of account entries and are registered in in the corresponding accounting records by the Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A.U. (“Iberclear”), with domicile in Madrid, Plaza Lealtad nº 1, and its authorized participating entities.

The shares are denominated in euros.

The shares and economic rights that are derived from them, including those of preferred stock and those of shares freely assigned, are transferrable by all means permitted under the law.

Other Relevant Information

Fiscal Years

Fiscal Year ending on August 31, 2020

Fiscal Year ending on August 31, 2021

Fiscal Year ending on August 31, 2022

Relevant Data until May 11, 2020

Fiscal Years

Fiscal Year ending on August 31, 2019

Fiscal Year ending on August 31, 2020

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The company has an effective governing system, always adjusted to the global scale of the PROEDUCA ALTUS Group. As part of the company’s commitment to its shareholders, the Board of Directors, with the support of its Commissions, carries out its activity in the Regulations of the Shareholders General Meeting and Regulations of the Board of Directors.

The PROEDUCA ALTUS Group Board of Directors, composed of 12 members, is the supervisory body that controls the company’s activity, with exclusive competence in matters such as general policies and strategies in matters of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, remuneration of the Senior Management Councils and remuneration to the shareholder, as well as strategic investments.

  • Ruben Stein – President – 2018
  • Miguel Tomás Arrufat Pujol – CEO – 2007
  • Jesús Díaz de la Hoz – Board Member – 2018
  • Ignacio Javier Martos Navarro – Board Member – 2018
  • Miguel Arrufat Farell – Board Member – 2018
  • María Luisa Azpiazu Zubizarreta – Board Member – 2018
  • Adrián Forastier Guerrero – Board Member – 2018
  • Juan Ramón Urrutia Ybarra – Board Member – 2018
  • María Ainhoa Briones Bravo – Board Member – 2018
  • Rafael Puyol Antolín – Board Member – 2019
  • Margarita Villegas García – Board Member – 2019
  • Laura Arrufat Farell – Vice Secretary/Board Member – 2015
  • Ignacio Velilla Fernández – Secretary/Non-Board Member– n/a

Audit and Control Committee

The Audit and Control Committee is an internal body of an informative and consultative nature. It does not have executive functions, but has authority in information, consultation, and proposals within its scope of action. In particular, the functioning and competences of the Audit and Control Committee are established in the current legislation, as well as in the regulations of the same approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Jesús Díaz de la Hoz– President – 2018
  • Ignacio Javier Martos Navarro– Spokesman– 2018
  • Laura Arrufat Farell – Secretary/Spokeswoman – 2018


Management Committee

  • Miguel Tomás Arrufat Pujol – CEO
  • Carlos Gracia Herreiz – Corporate General Director
  • Pablo Pastor Quintana – General Director of Innovation
  • Luis Usera Magdalena – General Director of Business
  • Sergio Garea Casaú – International Corporate General Director
  • Daniel Rubio Bernal – Director of Corporate Strategy and Finance
  • Natalia Isabel Álvarez Díaz – Director of Human Resources
  • Julio Montero Díaz – Vice Chancellor of Research
  • Rubén González Crespo – Vice Chancellor of Academic Management and Faculty
  • Margarita Villegas García – Director of Technology and Digital Innovation
  • Oscar Sánchez Meder – Director of Operations

Registered Advisor

  • Gerardo Torres
    VGM Advisory Partners, S.L.

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